Wenger: Mata Move to Manchester United Unfair

23 January 2014 01:08

The Gunners boss is annoyed that the Spaniard will not play against Chelsea this season but will be able to play against other Premier League opponents.

The Frenchman is not happy that both clubs involved in the transfer don’t have to face off against each other again this season, but United will still have to play against title challengers like Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City but this time with Mata on their side.

“It opens up the opportunities in this transfer market because Chelsea have already played twice against Man United and so don't play them again anymore,” Wenger stated. United lost 3-1 at Chelsea last weekend and Chelsea could still be drawn against United in the Champions League but Mata would be ineligible to play.

“Chelsea could have sold him last week but it opens at least the dates of this transfer window. Some teams have already played twice against one opponent and some others not and I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody - exactly the same - that should not happen.”

When asked whether it was purely a tactical move, Wenger replied: “I wouldn't go as far as that, I just think you would want that everybody is at the same level. I can understand completely what Chelsea are doing, it's within the rules but maybe the rules should be adapted for fairness”


Source: DSG