Wenger - I'm not jealous of Man City's money

15 January 2009 03:43
By Richard ClarkeArsène Wenger does not do jealousy.The Arsenal manager says he has never envied any of his contemporaries at other clubs and the thought of spending £100m does not enter his head. The English media have been talking telephone numbers ever since news seeped out that Manchester City might be about to make an astronomical offer to Milan for Kaka.Inevitably the issue was put to Wenger at his press conference on Thursday. But the Frenchman strongly refuted any suggestion of resentment about Mark Hughes' spending power or his salary. “No, not at all,” he said. “I’ve never felt like that. You can ask all the clubs where I have been, I never renegotiated any of my contracts. Once I sign, I am happy with what I do and I try to give my best for what I have signed. Never in my life have I had that - I have never asked another manager how much money he is making, I have no interest in that. I enjoy what I do and try to do it as well as I can.“In fact, I am more concerned with what to do to win the next game rather than how to spend £100m," he went on. "I am not really interested in that. “My purpose is to develop the team on a daily basis and to think how we can improve. You ask me about this £100m and frankly I only heard about it because you cannot live in today's world and ignore it. “But I didn’t read one line about that because I have no interest in it. For me what is interesting is being on the football pitch in the morning and trying to see how we can develop as a team.”

Source: Arsenal