Wenger: 'I don't think he will ever be a goalscorer'

06 October 2013 09:34
Arsene's post-WBA comments.

. on Jack Wilshere:

"He is an honest lad and when he's wrong he knows it. Today the players do not get away with anything - we got away with a bit more. But they know that is the rule of the game and the rules of modern society and they have to deal with it.

"But what is more interesting for England and for Arsenal is that he shows the right response on the pitch.

"He had a difficult first half where he was fouled a lot but showed he has character and kept going. At least that barren run is done now."

"I don't think he will ever be a goalscorer. He's a player who can create chances and provide for others. In our job it is quite simple: you need players who score and players who give the ball to those who score.

"Jack is more in the second category than the first. But from the second category you want a few goals as well so it is good that he knows he can score."

Source: Arsenal World