Wenger: Go Big Or Go Home - Arsenal Spening Spree Next January

19 October 2013 08:53

'You don’t need a scout to buy Ozil. You just need money!' - Arsene Wenger reveals his three part plan for pure football perfection at their AGM last Thursday.

Arsenal, who has been sitting at the top of the Premier League Standings since the beginning of the season, just finished sealing a £150m deal with Emirates, something largely incorporated in Wenger’s plan for this season - to spend, to defend, and to create.More explicitly, on the issue of defending, he said

"The first level is, of course, continuing to defend our style of play, our philosophy of play and our values. That can only be done by developing our own players and the core of our team has to come from the development inside our club,”

He is confident that his team knows what is expected from playing style and behaviour. His second focus was on developing home grown youth players, something, which he said, is unique towards Arsenal, and if we look at their Youth Academy, we truly find a very extensive network which has produced many current World class players such as Cesc Fabregas, Wojciech Szczęsny, Ashley Cole and many more -the importance stressed upon the Youth Academy is largely attributed to Arsene Wenger,who earned a name for himself at AS Monaco for spotting potential talent, something which he has carried through to Arsenal. His third and final point was to “scout and buy recognised world class players,” something which Wenger is prepared to do with his +£70m transfer budget next January, even if it may seem to break the club tradition of raising players through the ranks - it is an ideal technique for helping the club to further extend on its tremendous efforts so far this season - something we have seen in full effect with Arsenal’s £42.5m Ozil signing, and although it may be a rapid tactic for the Gunners to cause ravages within the Premier League, manager Wenger is still confident that real talent comes from within the club, explaining his in-depth investment in the Youth System.But for now, all we can wish for is a brilliant blend of players out on the field, and for the Arsenal adrenaline to continue at the Emirates Stadium (if you’re an Arsenal fan, that is).


Source: DSG