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WBA 1 Arsenal 1 (3-4 Penalties): Player Ratings

27 Sep 2013 09:25:10

WBA 1 Arsenal 1 (3-4 Penalties): Player Ratings

Yes, I'm a sucker for punishment. I sat through the entire Arsenal Player broadcast of their victory over the Baggies to advance to the Capital One Cup Fourth Round.

It wasn’t a pretty match, that’s for sure. The first half was terrible, the second a little better, and extra-time had enough drama to make it palatable.

Arsenal largely won because they had a solid back four and provided WBA few chances throughout the match (except for three great chances the Baggies squandered at the end of the match).

The rest of the squad consisted of youngsters who largely looked like strangers, unable to gel together, but good enough to provide enough of a threat to make the game competitive.

Some of the youngsters showed enough potential to merit further chances down the road, some of them were disappointing.

In the end, Arsenal took their penalties better and emerged deserved winners. Hopefully, enough players return from injury in time for next month’s clash with Chelsea.

Fabianski  7.  A good first game of the season for Lukasz. He made a couple of fine saves and was saved by the woodwork near the end of the match.

Jenkinson 7.  Some good crosses, some weak ones. Jenks kept pushing forward and still had energy enough to keep running to the end.

Mertesacker  8.  My man of the match. He made a number of key headers and interceptions during the game.

Vermaelen  7.  Thomas’s first full game after his injury this summer. He was solid at the back for most of the game.

Monreal 8.  A good match for Nacho. In the end he was calm and collected and scored the winning penalty.

Hayden 7.  A solid game from Isaac, who showed good potential. He was lucky to stay on the pitch after a wild lunge at Mulumbu, but unlike the other youngsters he made very few bad passes and wasn’t bullied off the ball.

Arteta 7.  Mikel put in a solid shift in his first full game back after his thigh injury. He was the best of our midfielders on the night.

Eisfeld 6.  He scored our only goal, but that was largely his only good contribution on the evening. Too often he was anonymous and allowed himself to dither and be bullied off the ball. Like many of the other young players at Arsenal over the years he looks good when the caste around him is top class. When they’re not there, he disappears.

Gnabry 5.  Serge’s promising outing at Stoke was not repeated here. The comments about Eisfeld above can be repeated here. He didn’t look as good playing with an inferior caste. Too often he gave the ball away and squandered possession. He also missed our only penalty. To his credit, he kept on running.

Bendtner 7.  I know some didn’t like his performance, but he worked hard, made some good passes and layoffs, assisted on the goal, and scored his penalty kick. Sure, he should have won the game but dithered on the ball too long, but this was his first game back and I’m willing to see him play again.

Miyaichi 6.  Ryo worked hard, had a few good moments, and ran to the end. However, he made some atrocious passes and drifted in and out of the game.


Olsson 6.  A decent outing for Kristoffer. He took his penalty coolly and kept Arsenal’s midfield ticking at the end.

Akpom 7.  Chuba had two or three good chances to score, showed some strength and composure on the field, best evidenced by the way he scored his penalty.

Bellerin 7.  Had a good outing as a midfielder. Ran confidently with the ball, had a couple of chances, and cleared Rosenberg’s shot off the line near the end of the game. He looks like one to watch.

Source: Arsenal World


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