Usmanov: Politics will cost Arsenal

06 August 2012 11:16

Arsenal's board has once again come under attack from shareholder Alisher Usmanov.

The billionaire has told Forbes Magazine's Russian edition that he believes board "politics" are hampering Arsene Wenger's efforts to improve his squad. Usmanov said: "We do not consider just qualifying for the Champions League to be the chief ambition of the club, and with all our hearts we support the team and wish them well for the new season."

He added: "Victory is absolutely not ruled out, but the current politics of the club's management will leave Arsene Wenger and his team with fewer and fewer opportunities in the long run."

Usmanov insists however that he has no plans to end his association with the club.

"I am a fan and I am not going to sell these shares at any time, since this is the club that I consider the best in the world," he added.

Usmanov, Arsenal's second-biggest shareholder behind American Stan Kroenke, criticised the board in an open letter last month.

Source: PA