Unstable as water: Wenger?s distracted bids to sign Suarez will not succeed

19 July 2013 11:25

Fellaini, Jovetic, Ashley Williams, Higuan, Rooney, now Suarez.

Claims of staggering bids have never been far from Arsenal’s camp. At one time or the other they have been linked with just about every world-class footballer in the world today and sickening enough, THEY HAVE NEVER BOUGHT ONE! Preferring rather to build the “Ramseys, Fabregas, Wilsheres” and more recently the “Gnabrys, Eisfields and Anekes” Wenger has shown time and again that his precious transfer policy is sacrosanct even above the aspirations of the club and only the most dire of situations like a 8-goal drubbing by Manchester United will force him to spend almost the same fee overnight buying a pack of misfits that will eventually do mostly nothing to improve the team as one or two quality players would have.

This season has been no different. Apart from his gamble on the free transfer of youngster Yaya Sanogo, all our famously stingy professor with his masters in economics has done in the market is scout players for other clubs to buy. Illaramendi, Jovetic are just two ready names of how Wenger’s dithering and flirting in the transfer market have left fans dry mouthed.

If he cannot even capture the signature of Julio Ceaser who is willing and able to leave his club for just a fraction of what Suarez’s final transfer fee will likely be in a position for which Arsenal has been long touted to need a replacement, if he is willing to sacrifice weeks and months of hard negotiation and scouting on Higuan supposedly because of a £2.5 million difference between his and Madrid’s valuation of the player, how is he supposed to even get a bid accepted for a player whom the club do not want to let go? One thing is certain; Arsenal fans should not hold their breaths because come September 1, we know the one place Luis Suarez will CERTAINLY NOT be, ARSENAL!


Source: DSX