Top-flight tactics sadden Wenger

11 January 2009 05:37
On Saturday Arsenal had to wait for 84 minutes before the winning goal arrived, courtesy of Nicklas Bendtner. "You go back 10 years and everybody played a strict 4-4-2," added Wenger. "This year I can't remember any team coming here with two strikers, except Hull who played like that just at the start. "It's maybe one of the weaknesses of the top Premier League sides this year that teams have learned only to defend away from home, the leading clubs have all struggled with that - even Manchester United, with all their offensive force. 606: DEBATE Give your views on Premier League tactics "What's interesting in the game is that every new problem you face, the teams have to work to find the answer. "That problem will only be temporary I think because it'll force the teams to work on movement, the technique and the creative side. "It's important that these teams don't get away with only defending any more and they have to start to take risks as well."

Source: BBC_Sport