The one last Critical Transfer for each top level English Premiere League Team

By 01 September 2014 09:26

Most of the top teams have done satisfactory transfer business and do not need any more players. But the teams that are going to have a run at the title and compete in the Champions League can “never have enough quality” (to quote Harry Redknapp). So let us look at the ‘last’ one player each top level team would want.

Manchester United: Defence Defence Defence! Why doesn't anyone see that Manchester United desperately needs a good centre back or two? Well, actually, they are busy addressing other issues. Its brilliant that they lured Di Maria to Manchester United along with Rojo, Herrera, Shaw and Blind, but they need to find someone like Vidic and Ferdinand to command the defence.

Arsenal: Their case is simple. They always need a forward. They already have a very amazing mobile and versatile forward in Alexis Sanchez. But they have lost their exquisite hold up player in Giroud and need a target man as back up. Danny Welbeck is an interesting option.

Tottenham: They have a rich squad that just needs to gel. It’s an odd choice but, they need to sign a leader to turn the spirits in the team around. Quite like the way Steven Gerrard does. Harry Kane is a great prospect. But signing a commanding defender will help them. Or a strong defensive midfielder. But basically a leader.

Manchester City: Another perfectly balanced squad, with their quartet of classy strikers and star midfield and wing being the highlight. No team has better strike force than the Citizens, with Aguero, Negredo, Dzeko and Jovetic being electrifying. Anyone who saw Jovetic against Liverpool won’t say he was plagued by injuries in the last season, and the ability of Aguero to score instantly is almost unbelievable. Yet, a faster centre back to accompany Kompany instead of Demichelis would be a nice idea. Maybe playing Mangala could work, or signing maybe Ron Vlaar!

Liverpool: Following the departure of Suarez, the Liverpool attack has lost its ability to be unpredictable. However signing Mario Balotelli has been an unpredictable move. Let’s hope dear Mario provides unpredictability on field too. As for a critical player, there are two problems that need to be addressed: The finishing in the final third and command in the defensive line. Mario Balotelli might solve the first issue. But signing a Defensive Midfielder, not a static passer like Gerrard, to be in front of the defence might give more solidity. The player must be fast and tireless, but not venture forward like Henderson. But he must have the game reading ability to help the defence break down moves. I would suggest a certain Mascherano here. Best fit. Old times.

This was just on the basis of what the teams need or could use and not the availability.

Source: DSG