THE LIST: The biggest transfer flops in Premier League history Nos 30-21

13 May 2009 05:36
Read Nos 50-41Read Nos 40-31 Last week's List was the best signings of the season but quite often market moves don't go according to plan. This week, Sportsmail Online bringsyou the worst of the worst - the players brought to a club to deliverthat something special before having every fan in the stadium, armchairor pub pulling their hair out. We've selected the top (or bottom,depending how you look at it) 50 but we could have been here all day,so, as always, let us know what you think. Who is the worst signing in Premier League history? For every successful signing like the inflation-busting Nicolas Anelka or the bargainous Peter Schmeichel, there's a host of washed-up, overpaid mercenaries - or simply turkeys - ready to bite the chequebook- waving hand that feeds. Which transfer didn't add up for you? TELL US WHAT YOU THINK 30 Ali Dia (Southampton, free - 1996) 29 Bruno Cheyrou (Lille to Liverpool, £3.5m - 2002) 28 Helder Postiga (FC Porto to Tottenham, £6.5m - 2003) 27 Jo (CSKA Moscow to Manchester City, £19m - 2008) 26 Richard Wright (Ipswich to Arsenal, £6m - 2001) 25 David Bentley (Blackburn to Tottenham, £15m - 2008) 24 Marcelino (Real Mallorca to Newcastle, £6.7m - 1999) 23 Paolo Tramezzani (Piacenza to Tottenham, £3m - 1998) 22 Andrea Silenzi (Torino to Nottingham Forest, £1.8m - 1995) 21 Stephane Guivarc'h (Auxerre to Newcastle, £3.5m - 1998)

Source: Daily_Mail