The Gunner's cry: Mr. Wenger Just sign Somebody, anybody

22 July 2013 02:24

If the splash that greeted rumours of a transfer deal being done for Brazilian wonder kid Bernand or in fact any other Arsenal target were taken in perspective, it would seem Arsenal are presently most popular football club around. Any routine news is sure to generate a buzz around media circles as long as it has the key words “Arsenal or Transfer” in it.

Unfortunately, Arsenal though popular is by no stretch of imagination the club with the biggest following, they are actually some way down the ladder placing fifth behind Perennial leaders Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid according to so the level of interest in Arsenal transfer dealing might not actually be as a consequence of the superior number of their fans. I rather believe it is a measure of the loyalty and desperation of these fans that drive them to blow up every transfer titbit involving their darling club as a sort of comic relief to the tragic accident of being an Arsenal faithful stuck with Mr Wenger.

And I can imagine the average Gooner thinking along these lines: “Even if it is a “Torres”, we just want to see a sign that Arsenal too has a plan for a title challenge next season as every other club (even Monaco and PSG are talking about mounting serious European challenges) while each passing season Arsene Wenger’s objectives keep dropping until now a Fourth Placed finish is the priority in Emirates stadium. What are we; Everton or Newcastle?”

Source: DSG