That man again - Cutting through the crap

30 July 2013 04:46
. we've read so much, but what do we actually know?

That man being the enigmatic Luis Suarez, of whom so much has been written, but who has said absolutely nothing tangible.

All we know for sure is that an offer of thirty million quid was made, and then turned down by Liverpool.

We're not certain that any larger offer was made, although reports state that the now infamous '40 million and one' offer did actually happen.

Despite media speculation as to Suarez's role in all this - we've not heard a word from the player himself.

Brendan Rogers has made comments relating to Suarez, but nothing that points to the fact that the player wants to leave.

Rodgers has said:

‘He has still got some way to go. He is a number of weeks behind the other players. I also have to consider that our focus over the course of pre-season is for the first game and Luis will not be available for the first game. But it is important he is very much part of the group.

‘He is working hard on his conditioning and over the course of time as he gets closer to playing we will build him up to more minutes on the field.’

It's also reported that Real Madrid may play a part in all this, but then they're always mentioned when any big name player is trying to manufacture a big money move. If rumours are true then they'll be going even further into hoc with the purchase of Bale anyway.

So in short - we're no nearer to signing the world class striker that we clearly need. Most of what we  read is pure flannel and does nothing to address the pertinent questions. It's all bollocks really.

Wenger seems intent in letting this one go to the wire - are there factors involved that we don't know about? - who knows, but it's certain that the fans are becoming impatient.

Apologies if I've just added to the bollocks that you've been reading!

Source: Arsenal World


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