Striker isn't coming

14 July 2013 10:03
.is there a plan B? or even C?

Gonzalo Higuain - What do we know?

Short answer - Nothing.

We have no confirmation that Arsenal have made a bid for the player. Madrid have remained tight lipped about any possible transfer, although they orgininally stated that they were awaiting the arrival of new coach Ancelotti before making any decision.

A transfer fee and personal terms were reportedly agreed, but again we have no confirmation from either club that this is in fact true.

With all the talk of Rooney and Suarez, I'd like to believe that Wenger does indeed have plans B and C boiling on the stove, but experience tells me that this probably isn't the case, and that attempts to penny-pinch on multiple fronts will leave us empty handed come that start of the season.

The longer that this saga drags on the more likely it is that Higuain will stay in Spain - if the player had a real desire to leave then the clubs would have been further down the road by now - no deal seems to have been done.

Meanwile the fans wait and see what happens.

Source: Arsenal World