Spurs 4 Arsenal 1 Who's in the better position for 4th this season?

20 August 2013 10:00

Okay don’t panic Arsenal fans I've not seen into the future and seen the result of the next north London derby, it’s the current count in the transfer market.

The question though is who is in the better position for Champion’s League or to push for the title.

With the window coming to an end in no less than 13 days some miracles will have to happen at the Emirates before we can sit here and say Arsenal for fourth. With the injury hit squad rapidly decreasing and the 3-1 defeat on opening day surely Arsene Wenger is sitting there thinking he needs to sign and he needs to sign now. Chasing Suarez and Rooney doesn't seem to be going their way and maybe it is time that they look at more realistic signings. 

With a champions league 2 leg game against Fenerbahçe coming up it is hard for me to see that Arsenal will get through with the squad at the current state. I know others will say otherwise but if you look at the bigger picture It isn't looking good for Arsenal at the moment. If the rapid decline carries on and no new signings occur before September 2nd then I'm sorry to say Arsene Wenger could be the first manager out in the Premier League this year.

If we switch to the blue side of north London it is a completely different story with four new signings and a win at Crystal Palace on opening day it does have to be said that Spurs could get fourth or challenge for the league. With stories coming out of White Hart Lane that spending isn’t over, can we say Spurs are going for it this year.

Why then has it changed? Well no one will honestly know the answer to that question. My thinking is that players are more excited by the developments at White Hart Lane than at the Emirates and the trophy-less seasons at Arsenal are finally catching up with the club. As a result Arsenal and may have lost the pulling power they once had.

Source: DSG