Season Finale Premier League Predictions vs Mark Lawrenson

18 May 2013 09:25

Every week Football Expert Mark Lawrenson predicts every game for the BBC from the top flight or F.A Cup. For the last two weeks I have attempted to beat him. You can see our predictions from last week at the bottom of the article. Mark Lawrenson has made his predictions this week and I have challenged him. I believe it will be an exciting season finale with lots of goals and Arsenal taking fourth place despite a predicted 3-1 win for rivals Tottenham.

The rules follow:

A correct result is worth ONE point, while a correct score earns THREE points.

Last week, Mark Lawrenson scored his best of the season with 16 points after predicting eight results right with four perfect scores. Lawro over doubled my score (7) after I got seven results right with no perfect scores. Mark Lawrenson’s average throughout the season is 7.47, so I am happy that I am close to an experts score. This week I am confident I can beat Mark Lawrenson.

Here are our predictions for the Premier League Season Finale:

Final Predictions Score Lawro Collins


Chelsea v Everton x-x 2-1 2-1

Liverpool v QPR x-x 2-0 4-1

Man City v Norwich x-x 3-0 2-0

Newcastle v Arsenal x-x 1-2 1-2

Southampton v Stoke x-x 1-1 1-0

Swansea v Fulham x-x 2-0 2-1

Tottenham v Sunderland x-x 3-0 3-1

West Brom v Man Utd x-x 0-2 0-2

West Ham v Reading x-x 2-0 3-0

Wigan v Aston Villa x-x 1-1 0-1

So there were our predictions. Visit or to find the results of the matches listed.

Below is a table of last week’s predictions and scores.

Last Week’s Predictions Score Lawro Collins


Aston Villa v Chelsea 1-2 1-2 2-3

Man City v Wigan 0-1 2-0 3-1


Stoke v Tottenham 1-2 1-1 0-1

Everton v West Ham 2-0 2-1 2-2

Fulham v Liverpool 1-3 2-1 0-1

Norwich v West Brom 4-0 2-0 0-0

QPR v Newcastle 1-2 1-2 0-2

Sunderland v Southampton 1-1 1-1 2-1

Man Utd v Swansea 2-1 2-0 2-0


Arsenal v Wigan 4-1 3-0 2-0

Reading v Man City 0-2 0-2 1-4


Source: DSG