Sam lambasts cute Wenger

14 February 2007 09:20
Bolton Wanderers boss Sam Allardyce has re-opened his war of words with Arsene Wenger after accusing his Arsenal counterpart of using mind games in the build-up to the FA Cup fourth round replay between the two sides. Allardyce and Wenger have clashed in the past and the Bolton boss continues to be bemused by the Frenchman's use of psychology. Wenger complained after Sunday's 2-1 win against Wigan Athletic that Paul Jewell's side had been time-wasting throughout the game, but Allardyce insists the Gunners are masters of such a tactic. "It's a psychological thing that Arsene Wenger has tried to use over the last couple of years," he said. "He uses it very often. It creates a great pressure on referees with this time-wasting thing he talks of. "He did it with us last year when we drew 1-1 (at Highbury) and criticised us heavily for trying to do that. "What you don't remember is when they do it. It's very cute and a very clever tool that he uses, but he doesn't fool us managers. "It's the sort of hype that fans will start rising to and it creates a great pressure on the referee, who will react because he is only a human being. "Don't think that Arsene Wenger doesn't slow the game down or that Thierry Henry doesn't run the ball into the corner and waste time, because they do. It's a tactic used by everybody. "Wenger is a very clever manager who portrays time-wasting and uses it as a tool to get the fans going and to make officials aware of what the opposition are doing. "I have proof that pressure like that does make referees make wrong decisions. I have proven it and Keith Hackett has all the information - it was against Arsenal once. "But you can't blame anyone for using a situation to their benefit, that's fair enough."

Source: ESA