Ryan Shawcross didn't mean to break my leg, insists Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey

04 April 2010 02:05
Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has accepted Ryan Shawcross did notmean to break his leg - but believes the Stoke defender wanted to 'takehim out' and could have avoided the challenge which ended his season.  [LNB]The Wales international has now started the long rehabilitationprocess following the incident during the Barclays Premier League gameat Britannia Stadium on February 27.[LNB] Moment of impact: Ryan Shawcross (right) breaks Aaron Ramsey's leg[LNB]Much has been made of whether there was any intent from Shawcross in the challenge, and the player has since tried to contact Ramsey.   [LNB]The 19-year-old Arsenal midfielder appreciates there was no malice involves, but feels Shawcross did have enough time to pull out of the tackle.  [LNB] Ramsey, speaking to the official matchday programme, said: 'I remember everything, but you just have to get on with things, and that is what I am doing at the moment.   [LNB]'I don't believe he wanted to break my leg, but I think he wanted to go through the ball and me - to take me out and make sure I felt the tackle.  [LNB]'He was caught out of position a little, but he could definitely have changed his mind before making the tackle, realising that he was not going to get there and so not committing.  [LNB] Walking wounded: Arsenal are also missing Fabregas and Arshavin through injury[LNB]'If I was tackling and saw that there was not a chance of getting to the ball cleanly, I would not make the tackle - and I don't think there was a chance of him getting there.'[LNB]Ramsey has not yet been in touch with Shawcross.   [LNB]'He has left me a voicemail and a text message, but I just want to concentrate on my recovery for now,' he said.   [LNB]Ramsey is set to take a break in Dubai, and admits he is not a good patient.   [LNB]  'You don't realise how much you would miss football until you are not doing it for a long period of time, the days just become boring, so I can't wait to continue with my recovery and get back into action,' he said.   [LNB]Ramsey hopes his Arsenal team-mates - who are now also without injured captain Cesc Fabregas - can go on to win some silverware.   [LNB]'What happened was a shock to everyone I think, but they've done unbelievably well to go back and win that game and they've carried on ever since,' he said.  [LNB]'Hopefully that will continue - obviously I am very disappointed not to be out there on the pitch, but I still feel a part of things and believe I have contributed over the season.[LNB] 'I want to win the title as much as my team-mates do and hopefully they can achieve that for all of us.'[LNB] Wenger to discuss new contract with Arsenal board this summerInjured Fabregas targets Champions League final comebackArsene under fire: France boss brands Wenger 'irresponsible' over GallasARSENAL FC: All the latest news from across the webSTOKE CITY FC: All the latest news from across the web[LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail