Rvp to Manchester United - all but confirmed

15 August 2012 08:29
It seems that our former captain has decided that he'll win trophies playing for the Mancs - he might be right.

As far as I'm concerned I'm happy he's going given the circumstances, and if the reported fee of 24 million pounds is true then it's a staggering piece of business from Arsene Wenger.

He might only have one more decent season in him - how amazed we all were last season when his glass ankles went undamaged all season.

So the policy of selling our star players to our biggest rivals continues unabated. What's worrying is that there seems to be a never ending queue of players who feel that they'll fare better elsewehere.

It would be easy for me to say "f*** him, no player ever leaves the Arsenal and achieve greater success elsewhere", but in truth RvP probably will, and that's what saddens me.

God I pray we take the Premiership title this season and rub his nose in it.

Do I wish him well? - no chance.