Ramsey would play alongside Shawcross

15 August 2012 06:47

Wales captain Aaron Ramsey insists he has moved on since breaking his leg in Ryan Shawcross' tackle, and would not object to the Stoke defender joining the national set-up.

Manager Chris Coleman has made no secret of his desire to bring Shawcross into his squad but has yet to discuss a potential switch of allegiance, and wanted to speak to Ramsey first to gauge his opinion given the history between the pair.

Ramsey ignored Shawcross' attempt to apologise for the tackle, but when asked what the situation is between the two, he said: "There is no situation. Chris is the manager, he is the one who makes the decisions. I am the captain, I am a player and I just turn up and play. I am over what happened, I have moved on since then and as I have said it is up to the manager what he thinks is right to do for the team."

But Ramsey also confirmed that he and Shawcross had not been in contact since the centre-half's initial attempt to say sorry.

"I had a text off him straight after I done my leg but that's it," he said.

Coleman for his part admitted last week that "there is an issue" between Shawcross and Ramsey, but has praised his skipper for his mature attitude towards the matter when they discussed it during the Olympics.

Source: PA