Ramsey injury swayed ref - Delap

01 March 2010 09:28
The Potters centre-half saw red after his clumsy challenge left Arsenal midfielder Ramsey with a badly-broken leg.

Referee Peter Walton initially appeared reluctant to punish the Potters ace, as the tackle lacked malice.

However, the England hopeful was dismissed after the match official saw the extent of the damage he had caused.

Delap thinks Walton's thought process was wrong and feels injuries have to be accepted as part and parcel of football.

"The referee appeared to react to the seriousness of the incident rather than the actual tackle," Delap said in the Daily Mirror.

"I said to him 'Did you see it?' and he said 'I don't think he meant it - but I've got to send him off.'

"I've been in a similar situation myself when Theo Walcott was injured from a challenge I made on him.

"I caught him but it was more a case of his pace and, well, my lack of it, I guess.

"I've been on the end of it too, when I broke my leg four years ago, so my thoughts are with Aaron."

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Source: Team_Talk