Premier League clubs prepared to spend big on Dortmund star Lewandowski in January

24 October 2013 02:44

Borussia Dortmund forward Robert Lewandowski is almost certainly prepared to leave the Westphalian side next summer on a free transfer to Bayern Munich, but speculations into interest from several clubs including City, Arsenal, Manchester United and more continue, as talks over the Pole’s future prove to be very influential upon the Premier League transfer talk.

Robert Lewandowski, 25, who started playing with Borussia back in 2010, is expected to sign a pre-contract this January, most likely with Bayern Munich, who have been anticipating the move for quite some time now. Unfortunately for them, Borussia is imminent from preventing Lewandowski of leaving the team - but the club has already stated it will not let go of the playmaker until his contract expires next summer. The 25 year old, who received a bid from Manchester United last year, was literally kept on the edge of his seat, as the two clubs couldn't agree on a £25m fee for the Pole - but, according to The Mirror, cash rich Arsenal are prepared to offer the amount next January to land Lewandowski in the January window - although Arsenal has been sitting at the top of the Premier League since the beginning of the season, they are still on the lookout for a strong striker who knows his way around the pitch, and are prepared to use some of their enormous transfer budget on a top-class player, and Arsene Wenger is much more attracted to the player after his beautiful goal against Arsenal in the Champions League. And at Manchester City, forward Dzeko’s performances so far have been slightly inconsistent, and the club has given no sign or initiative of renewing his two year contract.

Robert Lewandowski, who spoke to Telegraph’s Mark Ogden about his future, stated that he had “never said he will sign a contract with Bayern,” and that he would “like to play in the Premier League. It would be a great experience," putting Premier League clubs on high-alert. But really, it just comes down to a bit of Transfer Gossip to attract several other bids - but in reality, it should be Bayern who gets the Borussia Forward - the club who expressed their interests early on, and the club that Lewandowski agreed to sign a pre- contract with in January. All we can hope for is that the Polish international continues his stunning lead so far this season, and brings with him a new era of hope, success and achievement in the Premier League (or wherever he goes).


Source: DSG