Napoli looking to pull another 'Higuain' over Arsenal!

15 August 2013 10:56

There seems to be no end in sight to Arsenal fans' ongoing misery concerning the transfer market dealings of the squad.

By now everyone is familiar with the bitter taste of the loss of Gonzalo Higuain to Napoli. Further insult was added to the injury when he gave the fans a dose of what Wenger passed on in their pre-season tie at the Emirates Stadium and now there looks to be no respite for hapless fans with Arsenal tickets. Fresh reports have it that Arsenal’s rumored deal for anchorman Gustavo looks set to be hijacked by the free-spending Italian side once again.

If the deal proves true, then Patrice Evra’s suggestion some years back that Arsenal was just a training ground from which the real champions go to poach has assumed a new dimension. Now it seems indeed that the breeding ground is fast losing its pedigree, clubs would rather just allow Wenger do all the scouting and buy out a player from under Wenger’s dithering nose than waste money on scouting or continuously enrich Wenger’s coffers by buying from his immature pack of players.


Source: DSX