Monreal arrives to save us from Santos

01 February 2013 10:48
Nacho Monreal is a quality player, make no mistake about that, but it's just papering the cracks.

Hopefully he has the experience and maturity to slot into the team as and when required and help make our defence more reliable (not difficult at the present time).

Santos is a comedy act who should never be allowed to wear the shirt again - get rid.

The bigger picture is a little scary - we're still desperately short of cover in certain positions, and paper-thin confidence is deep rooted in the squad. The constant exodus of star players propagates this mentality and there are no signs of this selling policy changing anytime soon.

We could quite easily finish fifth this season, and if those who run the club and rub their hands together at the prospect of the Champions League money arriving every season don't get up to speed the gravy train will hit the buffers big style.

It saddens me to watch from the sidelines - my pessimism may well be born out of frustration but nevertheless I feel that it's justified. If I felt that the club gave a toss about the fans anymore things would be different, but sadly I'm now a tiny component of an ever more disgruntled cash cow.

Source: Arsenal World