Mario Balotelli to Arsenal - Say It Isn't So

By 18 February 2014 11:57

There are reports coming out of Milan that Mario Balotelli’s agent held talks with Arsene Wenger this week to discuss a possible summer transfer. There is no doubt that Balotelli is a great talent but he is also a great disruption. So why would the Arsenal manager even consider such a move?

Wenger looks to finally have all of the pieces in place to make a serious run at the Premier League title so why jeopardize this with bringing in a player who excels at finding trouble and controversy no matter where he goes. We all know the story of Balotelli lighting off fireworks in his house, throwing a dart at a youth team player and the training ground bust ups with his manager. The stories are legendary!

Rumors also have been circulating that Robin Van Persie is looking to return to Arsenal and it is a sure bet that Wenger would welcome him back with open arms. Even if this turns out to be just another rumor, Arsenal can surely find world class players that will play for the badge and not for the media attention.

Yes, Arsenal needs another strong world class striker but they surely don’t need one that continually seeks attention from the media, regardless of the disruption or distraction that it brings to the team. Mario Balotelli is quickly becoming the Dennis Rodman of Football; a great player on the pitch but the butt of jokes off. Say it isn’t so!


Source: DSG

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