Manisha Tailor gives hope to all young women looking to pursue a career in football

27 June 2014 02:54

Manisha Tailor has taken the football industry by storm ever since she embarked on a career change in 2011.

After working as a teacher with the intention of training to be a head teacher, she felt it was time to change direction. Juggling a full time job and caring for her Brother who at presents recovering from a mental breakdown, Manisha made the brave decision to leave her post and work in a field that is extremely close to her heart: Football.

It is through football that her most cmanherished memories of her Brother lie. Being the other part of a twin and spending the majority of her early life joint at the hip, her Brother’s break down left her and her family beyond devastation.

Manisha was aware of all the complications and hard work it would involve to break into what most would still say now is a predominately male profession.

Leaving a job with security and going into at the time was the unknown, Manisha wasn’t sure what to expect but through her willingness, determination and passion for sport she took the risk with the hope that it may impact positively upon her brother’s recovery.

She is now a Middlesex FA Head Coach U9 Centre of excellence, a schools coach for England’s most capped female player Rachel Yankey Football Programme along with various other freelance projects.She was awarded Woman in Football at The Asian Football Awards in 2013.

"Being a coach,scout and tutor allows me to transfer my knowledge,skills and experience to a football enviornment, which is something i am very passionate about."

"being awarded Woman in football in 2013 at the the asian football awards is a personal hghlight and shows just how far i have come."

Manisha Tailor is a fine Example of a modern British Asian woman. She defied all odds to make her dream a reality. She sacrificed with hope that it would make a positive influence on her sibling.

She is a fine example to all young people interested in pursuing a career in Football or sport, that hard work and the willingness to never give up is the key to success.

She is an asset to all those she works for and a fine example to all genders through her commitment and dedication to the game.

Source: DSG