LEO'S LONDON: Joe Cole needs a good manager to get the best out of him because Chelsea didn't

16 June 2010 08:51
Joe Cole looked a forlorn figure as he sat on the England benchwhile Shaun  Wright-Phillips toiled in vain against the United States.[LNB]But however much - or little - the soon to be out-of-contractplaymaker at the World Cup, his club career is set to take a turn forthe better.[LNB]Leaving Chelsea could be just what Cole needs - and there is a plus for the Stamford Bridge club in his departure too.[LNB] Thinking outside the box: Joe Cole will move his career on after leaving Chelsea[LNB] For him, it should provide  the chance to re-start a career that hasstalled, an opportunity to remind everyone of his huge talent.[LNB]Chelsea are undoubtedly losing a player of great skill but also someone who has lost his way.[LNB]They can console themselves too that they have refused to be held to ransom over his wage demands as his contract ran down.[LNB]That they have stood firm on a point of principle.[LNB]   More from Leo Spall... LEO'S LONDON: Tottenham must offer Redknapp a new long-term deal02/06/10 LEO'S LONDON: If Arsenal star Fabregas leaves for Barcelona Arsene Wenger will be without a genuine icon for the first time26/05/10 LEO'S LONDON: Cole is back to his arrogant best - and that's great news19/05/10 LEO'S LONDON: Didier Drogba lit up the capital but Gareth Bale, Thomas Vermaelen, Bobby Zamora and Steve Morison gave him a run for his money12/05/10 LEO'S LONDON: Chelsea deserve to win the Premier League as they're not a one-man team like Roon-chester United05/05/10 LEO'S LONDON: Terry is still a Chelsea powerhouse despite problems28/04/10 LEO'S LONDON: Give Michael Dawson a World Cup shirt - he deserves one more than Matthew Upson, Joleon Lescott and Wes Brown21/04/10 LEO'S LONDON: Ancelotti is not the Special One but winning the double could change that14/04/10 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE Many  fans have been perplexed by Chelsea's stance, but it has not been solely  based on cost control.[LNB]In refusing to grant Cole a wage rise of £30,000-a-week,  they havetried to show that the club rather than the players still call theshots.[LNB]Sure, they will still pay mind-boggling sums of money to their starsevery  week, but if they are boxed into a corner they come out fighting.[LNB]Every  club have their own character and this is Chelsea's: they seldom back down -  just ask Adrian Mutu.[LNB]So the fact that they are willing to pay almost as much for YossiBenayoun as they would have for Cole on the deal that he wanted shouldnot come as a shock.[LNB]It would have cost Chelsea £22million to sign the England playmaker on the  £110,000-a-week he wanted, over four years.[LNB]Benayoun, if his transfer from Liverpool is completed, will costaround £19.5m for the same period when a £6.5m fee and £65,000-a-weekwages are  included.[LNB]Is the Israeli as good a player? Probably not, and he is 18 months older than Cole, but he is still a fantastic talent.[LNB]Chelsea are refreshing  their squad, jettisoning Michael Ballack andprobably  Deco to leave room for an exciting creative signing inaddition to Benayoun.[LNB]And don't forget that a series of Chelsea managers have failed to get the best out of  Cole.[LNB]Out in style: Joe Cole leaves Chelsea after winning the Double [LNB]Refashioned as a left-sided player under Jose Mourinho, thepotential shown by the 28-year-old when a trainee at West Ham is stillto be fully realised.[LNB]Injuries are partly to blame but, now fit again, Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti is not the man to kick start his career.[LNB]Even taking into  account Cole's fitness problems last season, the Italian didn' t know what to do with him.[LNB]Ancelotti started the midfielder just 14 times in the Premier League and substituted him in 10 of those games.[LNB]That is four complete league matches all season and 12 games when Cole only  appeared from the bench.[LNB]It is plainly time for a change for Cole and Chelsea have not lost face in deciding to  let him go.[LNB]*****[LNB]Leaving Arsenal? Cesc Fabregas[LNB]Whoever is fortunate enough to sign Joe Cole must give him the chance to lead  their side.[LNB]He loves to play like a Brazilian No 10 and needs the opportunity to become his new club's talisman.[LNB]But if it is Arsenal that he signs for - and they look like thefavourites -  then Arsene  Wenger deserves to go as crimson as the trimon his club's new away kit.[LNB]It's not that Cole would not fit in well in the Frenchman's team.Quite the contrary, he has all the makings of becoming a big hit atArsenal.[LNB]It is just that when Wenger was asked about Cole as it became clearhe was heading for the Chelsea exit near the end of last season, he wascategorical.[LNB]Yes, Cole will be a  good signing for someone, Wenger said, just not Arsenal.[LNB]Wenger insisted his midfield was the one area of his squad he wouldnot be  strengthening and that he was absolutely satisfied with.[LNB]Sure, things change, but unless Arsenal are to  end up red-facedover Cesc Fabregas too, it is hard to see the transformation to  promptsuch a U-turn.[LNB]*****[LNB]Sheffield Wednesday will not  face any FA action over the crowdtrouble at  their relegation decider against Crystal Palace in May.[LNB]The governing body are satisfied that the club followed properprocedures - so maybe the FA ought to raise the standards against whichclubs are measured.[LNB]Wednesday cannot be blamed for the behaviour of over-excited yobs,who were  accused of attacking Palace's Clint  Hill and gettinginvolved in skirmishes.[LNB]But these people were able to invade the pitch despite Wednesdaydoing everything that was required of them and  surely that is what therules are there for: to prevent such incursions.[LNB] [LNB][LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail