Julio Cesar to Arsenal could be the best deal of the summer

By 01 July 2013 02:20

Personally, I never thought that young Polish ‘keeper Wojciech Szczesny was a major weak link in the arsenal defence. Sure he looked like ‘Biff’ from the ‘Back to the Future’ films, but that was hardly his fault, and whilst he was a long way from the finished article, he showed great promise playing behind a defence that was, until the latter end of the season, somewhat less than totally convincing. That said, I think that Julio Cesar is one of the outstanding goalkeepers in world football, and if arsenal can secure his services for the new season, it could be the signing that propels them into the race as serious title contenders. Think that’s a bit outlandish?

Sir Alex Ferguson, and let’s be honest, this guy knows his onions when it comes to winning the Premier league, once said that a great goalkeeper is worth ten points a season more than a merely good one. Now, if you don’t believe Fergie, here’s some evidence?

United’s title dominance was built on the strong shoulders of the inimitable great Dane Peter Schmeichael, and then later with calmness and assured handling of Dutch master Edwin van der Saar. Chelsea’s titles and cup triumphs have relied heavily on the agility and presence of Petr Cech, and although Arsenal’s famous ‘back four’ were dominant, they had ‘Safe Hands’ David Seaman behind them. I think there’s a case there, to support Ferguson’s assertion.

Cesar excelled for doomed QPR last season, and his performances for Brazil’s Sellacao have done nothing to dent his reputation. When he moved from Milan to west London, some thought it was a retirement payment sort of decision, but this guy exudes the professionalism that comes with so many of the world’s great custodians of the goal. at this point, I’m happy to go so far as to say that if Arsenal do sign Cesar, they will end their trophy drought next season. Sir Alex Ferguson thinks having a great goalkeeper dosen’t make ‘a’ difference – it makes ‘the’ difference – so who am I to argue.


Source: DSX

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