Jovetic in, Podolski out?

26 March 2013 10:58
Jovetic is a very useful player, but Arsene will probably play him on the wing!

There a rumblings about Lukas Podolski wanting out - frankly I'm not surprised. Despite having a good start and coming out of the blocks running, the German has been marginalised by being played out of position. He's a goalscorer - and a bloody good one at that - but he doesn't seem to be getting the opportunities.

Does he want away? - my betting is that he does.

Stefan Jovetic - wonderful at Fiorentina and talking up a move to Arsenal.

He says:

"I've heard about Arsenal's interest," Jovetic was quoted as saying by The Sun. "It's a big pleasure for me to be on the radar of such a big club. I am happy about that.

"I've always had an affinity with Arsenal. It's a major club with a big tradition, one of the biggest in Europe.

It's not easy to replace van Persie, who scored a lot of goals. Arsenal have plenty of players who don't score like van Persie, but are also very good.

"They are still very strong. I often watch Premier League games on TV. It's one of the best leagues in the world and looks tempting for me. Maybe one day I will play there but I have a contract with Fiorentina and battling for a Champions League place in Serie A is the only thing I'm thinking about now."

No doubt by the time that any deals need to be done we'll be out-thought and out fought by other more decisive clubs.

Do I sound negative? - that's because at the moment I am, and I don't see any improvement at the club without major changes at board / management level.

Source: Arsenal World


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