John WHenry poses an interesting question

24 July 2013 09:48
. which might have seemed flippant, but is very valid.

I believe that a lot of Arsenal fans want to know what the board of our club are smoking too!

Forty million quid? - for one player?

In Arsenal terms this is unprecedented. If this deal goes through it will more than treble our current transfer record, a record which Wenger has diligently kept down for all these years citing excessive fees, and rambling on about clubs ruining the game.

For many of us this is uncharted territory - trying to get our heads around spending that much money on one player is a little unnerving!

There's no doubt that Suarez is a deadly finisher - that's not in question - but he also carries a lot of baggage with him too. Is the trade-off acceptable to Arsenal fans?

The deal isn't done yet anyway, and I'm sure that there'll be a few more twists and turns before anything happens, but things seem to be happening. Liverpool's resolve is certainly being tested, and if the player wants away they'd be crazy to turn our money down.

It's a waiting game of a different kind for us Gooners.

Source: Arsenal World