It's time for Wenger to use the cash that's burning a hole in his pocket

01 July 2013 02:16

Higuain may be going to Juventus, Chelsea are allegedly waiting to outbid Arsenal for the services of Wayne Rooney, Maroune Fellaini's wage demands and transfer fee appear to be deemed too high, David Villa is rumoured now to be a Spurs target more than Arsenal, even Ashley Williams seems to be out of range. Oh, and a bid is being considering for Julio Cesar, a goalkeeper who was relegated with QPR, for competition with Szczesny, whose time between the sticks last season helped Arsenal have the second best defensive record in the league, aided and abetted by Fabiański it should be noted. It strikes me that maybe the "war chest" Arsenal have, may have burnt a hole in the clubs pockets, and has since fallen through said hole. It seems the only viable explanation.

Higuain played 28 games for Real in La Liga games last season, but 9 of which were appearances as a substitute, thus meaning a start ratio of only 50%, and Real have been quoted as saying "If your bid isn't €30million (£25.6million), don't bother." However, if he does end up a Juventus player, he would be partnering Carlos Tevez, whose transfer fee was half that requested for Higuain. It begs the question, given Tevez is proven in the Premier League, why did Arsenal not place a bid themselves? Tevez is a workhorse, a goal scorer, and at an age where he could set examples for Arsenal's younger players. In fact, given the persistent proclamations of interest in Wayne Rooney as well as Higuain, this implies Arsenal are in the market for 2, not just one striker, would it have been so bad to maybe have Higuain and Tevez in red and white instead of black and white stripes? But then, Juventus have just won back to back titles in Italy, so they can't possibly know what they're doing can they?

The transfer window officially opened today. It's time for Arsene Wenger and company to justify the scandalous price of their tickets and bring in some players who will win Arsenal some silverware rather than milking the fans to line the pockets of the already rich board. Currently Liverpool have lost more money in the transfer of Andy Carroll to West Ham, than Arsenal have ever spent on a player! In a league which Stan Kroenke claims he wants the club to win trophies, rather than just be perennial Champions League qualifiers, this is simply not acceptable.


Source: DSG