HATCHET MAN: Will Wenger be able to ignore the new instant replays at Arsenal?

23 January 2009 10:33
'Get out of the way Cesc - you're blocking my view of the Playstation' The question is whether it will allow manager Arsene Wenger to circumvent the Respect campaign's banning of TV monitors in technical areas and cure his myopia when it comes to controversy concerning his side.     More from Hatchet Man.   HATCHET MAN: Hughes sorry now? City boss is paying the price for giving Robinho the superstar treatment 23/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Liverpool's comedy double act could be about to wreck their title challenge 23/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Ronaldo needing a confidence boost? Don't be daft, Phelan 22/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Spurs duo Pavlyuchenko and Bent are first choice . for worst miss of the season 22/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Chelsea should cut their losses and sell Drogba to City 22/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Some things Neville change Gary's at it again for Man United 21/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Toffees are in a sticky situation but new stadium isn't the answer 21/01/09   HATCHET MAN: Flash Harrys - Spurs manager Redknapp pinpoints his problems 21/01/09   VIEW FULL ARCHIVE  

Source: Daily_Mail