Has Arsenal's Wenger era finally come to an end?

By 10 April 2014 03:56

Famously nicknamed ‘Le Professor’, because of his studious approach and encyclopaedic knowledge of the world game, Arsene Wenger’s reputation is gradually coming under the risk of being seriously damaged. A man who famously imposed a new brand of football, one which neutrals relish to watch, giving Arsenal Football Club a completely new identity. Despite his admirable philosophy, which is a complete contrast to the George Graham era; this hasn't stopped many from questioning whether Wenger still has the same desire to succeed, that he once had; achieving 7 titles in his first 9 years at the club. (4 FA cups and 3 Premier League titles)

The Frenchman has an eye for talent, known for his ability in producing foreign, unknown players into superstars; the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira are great example of this. However with the football world dramatically changing, with rich owners investing in more clubs like Man City, PSG and Monaco, spending in the transfer market has become an essential element for any ambitious club, if they are to fight, for the most prestigious titles in world football; something Arsene Wenger has no doubt been reluctant to do so in the past.

Since the famous 2005 FA cup triumph, Wenger’s side have not won any silverware hence the reason his biggest rival, Jose Moriniho stated, “He is a specialist in failure”, and in their most recent face-off, Arsenal were annihilated by Chelsea 6 goals to nil, a match that was meant to be a momentous landmark for the Frenchman due to it being his 1,000th game, but it all went horribly wrong. It is now unclear, whether Wenger will sign a new contract at Arsenal or whether he will leave with his legacy in place and with the hope of wining the FA cup, one last time.

Source: DSG

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