Groundhog Day... sort it out Arsene!

21 July 2012 09:56
It's July. we have the club going on tour and our stay-at-home talisman wanting out.

The club have apparently received three bids for RvP - from the two Manchester Clubs and Juve.

Thanks god we know our place - despite bravely stating that we want to 'hold out for 20 million quid' it's inevitable that van Persie will leave for a lot less.

Meanwhile - on another planet somewhere - Arsene has this to say:

"The priority is again to fight for the championship and Champions League. To finish the season as high as possible. What is as high as possible is to finish first. It is as simple as that. The competition is of a high level and many aspire to that so let’s continue to play the game the way we want to play it and I believe we can show that we can compete.

“We want to win the Premier League and we believe that we can with the resources available to us and with our approach. It does not mean you can’t win the title if you can’t compete financially."

If I'm honest I'm not sure that he understands the issues of morale - quite apart from the fans being sick of this methodology, I feel that the players are affected too - they're human beings so how do they feel playing for a side that can't hold on to it's best players?