Grassroots Football, Coaches who don't coach

10 February 2014 04:02

Being a qualified football coach myself for some 13 years I am particularly disillusioned with the quality of coaching I regularly witness.

Greg Dyke recently outlined his reform for tackling grassroots football with the aim of establishing a greater number of home-grown talents plying their trade in our top divisions.

However, in my opinion, much more needs to be done in terms of local FA’s managing the coaches being allowed to coach and assessing the standard of their coaching. As it stands anyone can register to sit coaching qualifications and once passed be eligible to coach and run teams as they see fit. There is little/no support or guidance provided post qualification by local FA’s and no repercussions for those who are clearly incompetent.

I regularly observe youngsters attending training sessions that are solely based on small sided games week after week with nothing in the way of coaching to improve technical aspects at the very least. It could be argued that without these so called coaches giving up their spare time children would not be given the opportunity to kick a ball in anger regardless of any coaching taking place.

I disagree whole heartedly, children are shouted at, play with fear and the emphasis based on winning and nothing else. Surely this has to change? Why can’t coaches, who are supposed to be role models to our young and trusted to improve their ability, be held accountable for their actions and be graded in similar fashion to that of referees? Coaches could score each other in addition to the referees input after each match with scoring based on elements such as respect, enthusiasm, control, communication, movement of their team and players etc. etc.

League tables would still exist so winners still get their glory but a coach’s league table, that remains hidden until the end of the season, will highlight poor coaches who should then have to re-train or attend additional courses.


Source: DSG