Giroud's secret meeting may herald Arsenal exit

17 March 2014 11:58

Recent times have been trying for Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud. On the pitch, the Gunners season has taken a tumble or two as the club have been turfed out of the Champions' League, and a couple of stuttering performances have damaged their league title aspirations. Off the field however, it is Giroud's private life that may lead to an exit from the club.

Reports have linked the French striker with a liaison in an hotel room involving model Celia Kay. Without delving too deeply into such matters, it's probably worth noting that some reports suggest that the player's wife has demanded that the player moves from London and back to France, and this is where the meeting with agent Muzzi Ozcan gains a little traction. although not the player's nominated agent, Ozcan is reported to have strong links with the Qatari owners of Paris St Germain.

A move to the French champions could have obvious attractions for more than any potential personal reasons. Rumours continue to abound that Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani may be moving on in the summer, and if that it is the case, a new striker will be needed and a return home for Giroud could suit everybody's requirements.

Of course it's entirely possible that it was just a meal and a conversation regarding 'commercial matters' as was stated by Giroud's agent. There are certainly many more reasons for a meeting, rather than just discussing transfers.

Source: DSG