Feeding Manchester City: The Arsenal Way?

30 May 2014 04:09

As Arsene Wenger signed along the dotted line today, the timing uncannily coincided with what is almost becoming an annual farce, where one of Arsenal's most consistent and talented players join arch rivals Manchester City.

Many will argue the sheer financial muscle of Man City packs a bigger punch than Arsenal's, leaving them unable to compete.

But with the regularity of players still in their prime heading northwards to Manchester and the last 3 players all being French, I seriously wonder if Viera will be on Arsene Wenger's Christmas card list this year.

Arsenal fans should feel disheartened.

With the headline grabbing rhetoric that Arsene Wenger was finally willing and able to spend money after being goaded by his supporters to "spend" at the Emirates last season, Arsenal finally "walked the walk" and purchased the services of Mesut Ozil on a long-term contract.

This was a Club record deal worth £42.5 million.

After years of Chelsea, Manchester City and previously Manchester United spending big, Arsenal found themselves at the top table of elite English football in terms of spending power.

Before the FA cup final Steve Bruce admitted " It was great to see them signing someone like Ozil,’ he said. ‘Looking from afar, it seems they spent eight or nine years funding the new stadium and were not able to compete at the top level in the transfer market. But paying all that money for Ozil was a statement that they are now ready to challenge the biggest clubs in Europe for any outstanding talent that becomes available. It sends out a real message, because he is a terrific player, a real danger to any team he comes up against. In fact, I just hope he is on the bench for a long, long time on Sunday."

Ozil's critics may have lambasted him for not showing consistently enough his quality. But as we saw, his presence in the team lifted the Gunners performances and Arsenal looked like being title contenders for the first time in years.

In the 2013/2014 season the EPL changed hands 25 times, Liverpool spent 59 days at the top, Man City who won it, led for only 11 days, whilst Arsenal and wait for it.

Arsenal spent an impressive 128 days at the top of the Premier League.

So with today's news of Arsene Wenger confirming to continue his role with Arsenal, surely after Ozil's arrival and coming close to winning the league, offering Bacary Sagna around 50% of what Man City are prepared to pay is close to negligible isn't it?

When Arsenal are able to pay Ozil over £150K per week, I wonder if Bacary Sagna would have given on up his Arsenal dream of winning the league had he been offered £110K.

Why not offer more to a solid, proven Premier League defender whose shown consistency, loyalty and is being courted by the current league champions?

After all he gave 7 years of service to Arsenal. Surely a team of players that came close to winning the league, needs fine tuning and not the upheaval of a stalwart defender in the mould of Bacary Sagna.

The message Arsenal's board has sent out this last 12 months, is one of mixed signals.

In this time they've bought a top player in Ozil, paid a top price, had a top season, are keeping a top manager and now lose a top defender.

At least it will be like a home from home seeing Viera, Clichy and Nasri at work everyday.

Does being a feeder club to Manchester City sit well with Arsenal fans or has it really become the Arsenal way?

Source: DSG