Fabregas to return to Arsenal? Not likely!

08 May 2013 09:16

Rumours have re-surfaced (again) that Cesc Fabregas might be on his way back to the Emirates next season. A topic that had been the subject of countless discussions and debates in the media and then beaten to pulp and trashed, has again been reborn with fresh (wait, it can no longer be classified as fresh!) gossip that Arsenal might be preparing to make a move for their former captain. While it would be an absolute delight to watch him don the Gunners’ jersey again next season, it feels like the hope is nothing but a foolish dream. And nothing will truly stop this speculation unless the player himself comes out strongly for a move back to London (wait, didn’t he already do that?!).

The Spaniard, who forced Arsene Wenger to sell him to Barcelona two seasons back, had gone on record stating that he would like to stay put in Barcelona and win a Champions League trophy with the club. However, reports of his frustration with a limited role in the Barcelona first team are well known and publicized and it only adds fuel to the fire of what could happen if he decides that he has had enough with the Catalan giants.

Fabregas was a star player and performer during his last seasons at Arsenal and his achievement of the Captain’s arm band stands testimony to this. The likelihood of the same happening at Barcelona is surely another foolish dream. Barca is a team of legends and prolific achievers and Fabregas’ goal of significant and regular action with the club might still take time with the likes of Xavi and Iniesta still in their peak. When his time does come, he should hope that it is not too late or quickly stolen cruelly by new, young and exciting talent, which is never a far cry at a great club like Barcelona.

A player of Fabregas’ talent also deserves a prominent role in the national side but with Spain’s bulging and seemingly never-ending talent and his bit-part role even after two seasons with Barca, the prospect of him being favoured much longer by del Bosque will also take a huge hit. That being said, it would indeed do a lot more good to his stock to plot a move back to the club where he made his name rather than stay back at the club where he began his game!

Source: DSG