Fabregas feels broken

03 April 2010 08:58

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has admitted he felt "broken" after his season was wrecked by a broken leg but that he clings to the hope of appearing in the Champions League final.

The Gunners skipper suffered a break to his fibula in the 2-2 Champions League draw with Barcelona on Wednesday which has also put his World Cup participation in doubt.

Fabregas told The Sun: "My leg is broken - and I feel broken too."

He added: "The penalty I scored against Barcelona could be my last act as an Arsenal player this season.

"But I have to cling to the hope that we can get through at the Nou Camp, win our semi-final and I might be fit for the Champions League final.

"That might be asking a lot but it is my dream and what I pray for."

Fabregas has admitted he does not know if his leg was broken in the game before the Barcelona clash when he was tackled by Craig Gardner in the 1-1 draw at Birmingham.

"Some people think I may have even broken the leg against Birmingham a week earlier - and, to be honest, I just don't know.

"Yes, it's exactly the same spot but I didn't go into the game against Barcelona thinking 'My leg's broken'."

Source: PA