Eight years and counting for long suffering Arsenal

By 21 February 2013 09:04

Officially Arsenal could still be champions of Europe. Reality however, would suggest that yet another season has blown cold over the Emirates and the winter of discontent has left gunners fans howling for blood.

Leading tabloid The Sun reported yesterday how one furious onlooker stormed out just twenty minutes and two goals into Tuesday’s collapse to Bayern Munich with the words “Two thousand quid a season to watch this c**p? They must think we’re idiots.”

So what next for the club loved by so many and understood by so few. One theory being bandied about and the one which I personally subscribe to regarding Arsene Wenger and his motives is that there is a catch 22 going on.

It’s quite obvious to even the most casual observer that, through a combination of tactical incompetence and lack of quality this once great club is in decline. Most clubs would recognise the symptoms (eight years without silverware) and remedy the situation by injecting fresh blood, perhaps moving Wenger upstairs to retain his vast knowledge and experience.

However the board are reluctant to do this. You see Arsenal love to make money at the expense, it would seem of the trophy cabinet. Replacing Wenger would mean having to concede that his way hasn’t worked. The odd success story aside such as English musketeers Wilshere, Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain, his eye for buying cheap and nurturing talent has failed him.

A new manager is going to require a new approach. This means serious funds being made available for world class talent. Make no mistake Arsenal can afford it, they just don’t like the idea of having to raid the piggy bank to cough it up.

Arsenal have never been big spenders, but they would never have become the selling club they are while David Dein was around. He had too much respect for the fans. One thing for sure is – eight years is too long, something has to be done.

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Source: DSG

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