Could this Brazilian Superstar be lured to Arsenal?

22 May 2013 02:19

Transfer speculations continue to rise for the Brazilian superstar Neymar who, at 21 years old, is the biggest name in the Americas and is soon poised to take Europe by storm. Santos, the club where Neymar currently plies his trade, is under red alert to quickly sell the player before he becomes eligible to sign a pre-contact with any club. In that scenario, Santos would gain nothing in return and will be forced to watch him leave uncontested for free.

The Brazilian has earned praise for his style of play from legends like Pele and Lionel Messi. Leo also went on to state that he would love having him as a teammate at Barcelona. There are also rumours that Neymar has already agreed to join Messi next season but nothing has been confirmed yet by him or Barca and Chelsea and PSG have also reportedly joined the fray to acquire his skills next season.

With him peaking every season, his true potential could be realized only by transferring to a club in Europe that could in turn make him a global phenomenon. The 2014 FIFA World Cup could be the tournament where he realizes his true potential as Brazil desperately misses being the champions of the world.

Neymar’s reputation for diving and his tantrums at times on the field are deterring aspects of his persona and these characteristics need to be carefully pruned out to make him a much better and complete player. With a rumoured £70m available for Arsene Wenger to spend in the summer, making a move for the Samba sensation is not completely unrealistic – he could be afforded by the Gunners. But in reality, the prospect of seeing him at the Emirates is more a dream than reality. Neymar though, could be the kind of acquisition who can have huge impact on games with his brilliant skills and his knack for scoring awesome goals – he was the FIFA Puskás Award winner in 2011.

Source: DSG