Cometh the hour, Cometh the Bendtner? Arsenal set to keep troubled striker at the club

30 August 2013 01:28

Nicklas Bendtner is going nowhere so it seems. This is not an observation concerning the player's career, but is actually literally a statement regarding a reversal of what seemed originally the biggest forgone conclusion of transfer activity from the Emirates at the end of last season.

Arsene Wenger, in keeping with his exploits in the transfer window, has stated today in his press conference that 'The chance for him to leave now is very small and if he comes back well and gets fit, I will use him,'

Having resigned Mathieu Flamini on a 3 year deal, (a move that has been greeted with mixed feelings, although for myself I think it's the most sensible move in a long time), the idea of the flamboyant, undeniably talented, but more-irksome-than-a-wasp-with--Napoleon-complex Danish striker playing again in the red and white of Arsenal must leave something of a bitter taste in the mouth of Gooners everywhere.

Of course, with Podolski now out for 3 months, Arsenal do require experience up front, especially after having let Gervinho , Chamakh and Arshavin leave, but of all those players, surely Bendtner would've been the fan's choice for the first out of the door? I made the mistake of mentioning him in the comments section of another article I wrote here a month ago, and was accordingly slaughtered, (the article also states Bale will move and Arsenal will end up buying no-one. just call me Nostrodamus), but now it seems that the reality has happened.

Arsenal have drawn West Brom in the Carling Cup. It will be interesting to see who Wenger picks for his squad, given that, looking at the current squad strength, this might be the competition to end the trophy drought.


Source: DSG