Cesc to Manchester? - I don't think so!

16 July 2013 10:43
News has filtered through that David Moyes and Manchester United want Cesc Fabregas to become their midfield general and have lodged a bid for £26 million with Barcelona.Is this realistic?

Are Barca willing to part with Fabregas so soon after selling Thiago Alcantara to Bayern Munich? I don’t think so.

While Barcelona don’t use Cesc as often as he’d like, they’re conscious that Xavi and Iniesta are both getting old and that they need to plan for the team after they leave.

If they didn’t want Cesc they would have kept Thiago. Thiago’s departure is a vote of confidence in Cesc, but he will still have to bide his time and wait for his opportunity.

Would Cesc be interested in moving back to England to play for Manchester United or even Arsenal (we have the right to bring him back if we choose)? Yes and No.

Why no? Cesc invested so much time and effort to leave Arsenal that giving up and heading back to England would seem a waste. His DNA would rebel.

Besides, his family and friends are in Barcelona, he is playing for the team of his dreams, and he knows that Xavi and Iniesta are aging.

In two years at Barcelona he has won more trophies than in his entire time at Arsenal and he has the best chance of winning a Champion’s League medal if he stays.

Why yes? Two years of limited playing time are hard to take. He doesn’t have a strong relationship with Tito Vilanova either, something he had with Arsene Wenger.

Cesc is at the peak of his career age wise and spending time on the bench is a waste. Lack of playing time with Barcelona means less playing time with Spain as well (something we saw at the Confederation Cup).

What he misses most is having the team built around him, as it was at Arsenal. A young player like Cesc didn’t appreciate the freedom that Arsene Wenger gave him, but he see’s it now.

Finally, there is unfinished business in the Premier League. Cesc would love to return to win the silverware he’d always wanted.

In the end I believe he’ll give it another year at Barcelona and then if nothing has changed he’ll opt to move.

David Moyes’s dream of bringing in Cesc and reuniting him with Robin van Persie will remain just a dream and he’ll have to look elsewhere to find a new midfield general.

Source: Arsenal World