Cazorla calls for winter break

24 December 2012 08:55

Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla has called for the FA to introduce a break over the Christmas period for the Premier League.

Cazorla previously played for Malaga and Villareal in Spain, where he did enjoy a resting period in December. Cazorla said to Arsenals website "I do a think [a winter break] is beneficial because you are able to disconnect mentally." These comments come as Arsenal embark on a spell of 3 games in only 12 days against Wigan, Newcastle and Southampton.

"The Premier League is already tough in with regards to the number of matches that you have to play in a row."

Cazorla has been one of Arsenals top players this season and with his legs seeming to be tiring Arsenal will hope he can get through the winter games unscathed.

Should a winter break be introduced? Would it benefit anyone but the players? Leave your comments an opinions below.

Source: DSG