Can Arsenal survive the tough games ahead?

11 December 2013 09:41

The Gunners might not have still felt the pressure for the title challenge, but the upcoming games ahead in the premier league is sure to shed their nerves. Manchester City on an away match and Chelsea at home, these games in succession will surely jitter Arsene Wenger's hopes in the race of winning the premier league title.

A 1-1 draw against Everton side saw some pressure coming against the Wenger's men that cost them a seven point lead to the top. And two defeats in a row is surely going to outlaw Arsenal's hopes. The Gunners side have been a trademark of resilience, flair and patience this season and have crafted very well to quality combination in the field.

However, the only problem with Arsenal it this moment is failing to focus on games at times which surely cost them. It came with a draw against Everton and the 1-0 loss against poorly performing Manchester United side is still not to be forgotten. Put aside the good results, there are plentiful of reasons we can see Arsenal battling each games.

And it must be time now for the Arsenal side to show the critics that they can forge ahead despite of several faltering to distinguish themselves. Arsenal side is with a complete package of talents, and energy. But what they lack is gumption to survive in the field and make their herald victory.

With young but strong Arsenal side, Mesut Ozil has been delivering what every fans would have expected from him. With Mathieu Flamini coming back to the club after 5 long year makes him one of the best free transfers ever today and has added a great bonus to the Arsenal team. Giroud taking his position upfront to maintain the attack and Bendtner changing his mind to play for the Arsenal side again is a great addition to the club.

And Yes, Wenger recently chided some pundits on doubting about his players, and wins against City and Chelsea will surely change perception regarding his Gunners side. But defeats in both the games will surely give a rise to the 'same old, same old' echoes.

This is the Arsenal squad that can proudly claim the EPL title but it will still remain very much difficult atleast during the month of December.


Source: DSG