Blues blasted by Gallas

23 November 2006 10:48
Defender William Gallas has blasted Chelsea over the handling of his exit from Stamford Bridge and his move across London to Arsenal. France international Gallas had become disillusioned with life with the Blues and wanted a fresh challenge, but faced accusations that he wanted to score an own goal if he was forced to play for Chelsea again. He hit out: "I do not see myself as a rebel, but as someone who is fair and has principles. "It was really hard to listen to certain things that they said about me just to hurt me - like the story that I would score an own goal if I played for Chelsea again. "I went through some really bad days. If I don't hurt anybody why do they have to hurt me? That's how I am, it's not a question of being a rebel. "From the moment I'm shown respect, I give respect. If they don't do that, then I won't do it either. To the good, I'm good. But to the bad, I'm bad as well. "This shows that there was, and is, a problem at Chelsea. "Only those who have no idea about me can end up thinking that I'm capable of doing something like that, scoring an own goal. "In four years I worked from the bottom, I always played where they asked me and I never caused a problem. I've got a completely clear conscience."

Source: ESA

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