Bale 105 Million? Rooney 40 Million? Suarez worth same as Bale?

05 August 2013 09:29

I just don't understand the market these days, it doesn't make sense what so ever. I’m looking at the other sales around the world to work out how much Suarez is worth just like Brendan Rodgers is. If Rooney’s worth 40 million then Suarez is worth 100, surely. According to Sky Sports Rodgers claims that the little Uraguayan is in the same bracket as Bale and I totally agree.

Rodgers has got a fair point if you look at other signings that's been recently made around the world, Falcao over 50 million, Cavani 55 million and don't forget Torres went for 50 million two and a half years ago and Torres was no where near the same player when he left the Anfield club.

You would think Rooney and Bale will both be on their way soon enough and there’s a lot of talk about the price tags of both players. You can almost guarantee if Bale does leave for the Spanish giants this summer he will probably be the most expensive player ever. Although its only speculation it would take over 100 million to sign the Welsh wizard.

The Mail on Sunday understands that Chelsea are preparing a second bid for Rooney of around 40 million, with blues boss Jose Mourinho planning to guarantee the England man the starting birth as his No 1 striker. Its also reported by the Mirror that the unsettled forward is planning to ask Manchester United for a transfer this week. Its unlikely that Rooney will be the main striker next season with the success of Van Persie, he could find himself as a bench warmer for a full season.

Look, don't get me wrong Wayne Rooney is a decent player but he’s not a match for Luis Suarez and if Chelsea are going to pay this much for him then Suarez should be going for an amount closer to what Bale will be going for.

I’ve always considered Rooney as one of the most over rated players ever, that's just my opinion. I look at Suarez play and I see magic happening, the way he megs players over and over again, the way he tricks his way past defenders and the way he closes down quickly working hard hunting the ball down. He can make something happen from nothing when he’s surrounded by defenders. His one of the most passionate players I’ve ever seen always wanting to win, the down fall for him he’s probably too passionate and does anything to win even if it means cheating.

You way up the pros and cons though and you would have to keep him. Is he worth the same as Rooney? No way in a million years. Again, I’m totally agreeing with Rodgers that if someone wants to buy him then his valuation is closer to Bale's.


Source: DSG