Arsene Wenger's Last Chance to get it Right

23 August 2013 09:39

Months ago we were all told the Arsenal would have somewhere in the neighborhood of £80-£100 million to spend in this transfer market. We were all filled with hope that for once Arsenal would be able to not only keep its best players, but bring high quality talent to the club with its millions of pounds to spend. And again, it hasn’t gone to plan. No Wayne Rooney, no Luis Suarez and there was no hope for a big name acquisition before the transfer window closes.

Arsenal now has this one last chance to get it right by acquiring two star performers from Spanish giants, Real Madrid. Now it is true that a previous purchase from the Blanco’s did not go so well, when Gonzalo Higuain decided that Napoli was a better fit. There is now new hope. With the pending transfer of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale added to Real Madrid’s already lethal squad, several players may be allowed to leave Madrid and Wenger looks ready to pounce.

Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria have been rumored in several British papers to be expendable and Arsenal is keen to bring both Madrid players to the Emirates. Benzema would be the big name striker to fill the role left behind by Robin Van Persie. Benzema can play as either a lone striker or paired with another up front while Di Maria would upgrade a position that Lukas Podolski has yet to make his own.

Arsenal still need a quality goalkeeper and another top notch defender but if they are able to bring in Benzema and Di Maria then maybe the Emirates will not be filled with chants that Wenger has gotten wrong. The deal for Bale should create a domino effect and we could still see several big name players move to other clubs before the transfer window closes shut.


Source: DSG