Arsene Wenger has reached his lowest point with Arsenal - Martin Keown

15 February 2017 11:09

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has reached his lowest point with the club with the 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League according to former defender Martin Keown.

Pressure has been growing on Wenger this season and Keown and fellow BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand did not hold back in their assessment of the Gunners' performance in the last-16 first-leg tie in Germany.

Keown even want as far as to question whether Wenger would walk away from the club he has managed for 20 years.

Keown said: "It's almost embarrassing - outclassed, outplayed. This is his lowest point ever. Twenty years and Arsene must be considering his future now."

The former Gunners centre back added: " Arsenal were bullied, weren't they. Completely. The difference between the two squads, they (Bayern) were men against boys, they were bigger and stronger."

Ferdinand also speculated about Wenger''s future, adding: " I don't think the players fear they're going to go in there (after the game) and get a rollicking. Teams are normally a reflection of their manager, and that was a weak performance.

"I think you've got to finish the course of a season but I'd be surprised next season if he's here because, the way things are going at the moment, they're spiralling down and down."

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright, who recently claimed Wenger believed he was coming to the end of his time at the club, showed his displeasure with a series of foul-mouthed tweets on his account @IanWright0.

" We are a ******g shambles ?."

"At least let it go to the ******g home leg ???"

"**** it !!! Not watching anymore. ?"

Source: PA