Arsene Wenger and the Rumors about his Future

17 May 2013 09:08

Arsene Wenger wrote these words on his latest blog. "I answered this question several times by saying that I have always respected my contract and I will continue to do so”.

Every year there is speculation that Arsene Wenger will be looking to move on from Arsenal. The usual reason given is that he hasn’t won a trophy in several years. Another is that he cannot get management to give him the money to compete in the transfer market and bring in top players. Every year it is the same thing and every year; there he is roaming the sidelines at the Emirates.

Every year, managers move about but this year sees an unusual amount of top name managers moving to other clubs. Once the season concludes, the world will watch with anticipation to see where Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez and Roberto Mancini will all end up. There are many clubs that have millions to spend on a manager that can take them to the highest levels of football. As Wenger’s blog continues; “It concerns a lot of people but it is a rotation with respect to big-name coaches, so no matter where they go, there will always be great coaches everywhere”.

The Gunners Manager has put together quite a good team this year and with an estimated £100 million at his disposal, he has the ability to acquire the one or two players that will put Arsenal back on top and earning trophies again. Don’t be surprise when in the not too distant future, Wenger signs a contract extension to stay at Arsenal for another few years. Let’s face it, Arsene Wenger is where he is supposed to be and that is at the helm of Arsenal.

Source: DSG