Arsenal's Rambo will put the ghost of Shawcross to rest this weekend

21 September 2013 08:49

On the 26th February 2010, Aaron Ramsey was a 20-year old Welsh wizard who had signed for Arsenal and within two years was winning accolades from within the game. He was already commanding first team football playing for Arsenal and it was fair to say the world was his oyster. In fact, a month before, his manager described Rambo (as he is affectionately known by Gunners fans) as being “an offence minded Roy Keane.”

24 hours later Aaron’s career lay in ruins. He suffered one of the most horrific leg breaks ever seen in football when, what some people regard was a challenge, from Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross which broke Ramsey’s leg in two separate places. No date was given for a return to the game as many people feared the worst. Incredibly, Ramsey began walking without crutches just a month after the operation. I guess this is an indication of the determination of the young Welsh man to recapture his form and desire to do well for Arsenal. He returned to full training 8 months later and was then loaned out to Nottingham Forest and played 5 games before a further loan spell back at Cardiff City.

Ardent Arsenal fans will admit, they wondered if they would ever see the pre-Stoke broken leg form of Aaron Ramsey. He struggled to recapture his form and despite playing well over 30 games for Arsenal last season the fans struggled to get fully behind him. Towards the end of last season things began to change and his performances were far more dynamic, being recognised with consecutive man of the match awards against Norwich and Everton. Ramsey had re-discovered his fire and more importantly he was playing with the flair and passion that Arsenal fans remember so fondly. His start to this season has been nothing short of sensational, scoring six goals already, completing numerous assists and generally being a midfield powerhouse of immense proportions. The fans are in love with Rambo again.

Whenever Stoke play Arsenal their fans give Ramsey an awful lot of stick. Arsenal fans reciprocate this affection towards Ryan Shawcross and this weekend promises to be no different. Actually, this weekend promises to be hugely different. Rambo is back and buzzing like never before. He will be pumped up like never before. With his rich vein of goal-scoring he is perfectly placed to lay the ghost of Shawcross to rest once and for all.


Source: DSG